Full Mouth Rehabilitation Performed by Our Fort Worth TX Dentist

It sounds just as wonderful as it is: a complete restoration, rejuvenation, and rehabilitation of your mouth. After Full-Mouth Rejuvenation, you have a beautiful smile, a healthy bite, and a renewed feeling of confidence.
Why Full-Mouth Rejuvenation?
When a person’s jaw is misaligned, known as malocclusion, teeth can wear down unevenly, chip, or even break. Older restorations such as fillings or caps can be damaged. Worse, malocclusion can cause a variety of annoying symptoms (see description of these in our Neuromuscular Dentistry section).
The result is an unattractive smile that adds years to your appearance, decreases your self-esteem, and affects your overall health.
What is Full-Mouth Rejuvenation?
This process blends the science of neuromuscular dentistry with the artistry of aesthetic dentistry, creating smiles that are functionally sound, physically healthy, and visually appealing.
Am I a Candidate?
This treatment may be appropriate for you if:
- You experience pain or numbness in your jaw, neck, back or arm
- Have chronic stuffiness or congestion in your sinuses or ears
- Have missing or chipped teeth
What is involved in the treatment?
Our process typically follows these steps: We will determine if your jaw is in its optimal position. If not, you will be treated for malocclusion. Once your bite is corrected, we will begin the aesthetic part of the process. We first remove your old restorations and any decay. We will then take impressions of the underlying healthy tooth structures and make temporaries for you. During your final appointment, we will replace the temporaries with your permanent restorations. Behold the new and improved, younger-looking you.